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New Media Interchange Phoenix/Tempe Arizona


First meeting announced, and it's two great things that go great together!



 No, I'm not talking about chocolate and peanut butter. Gross. I'm talking about the first ever New Media Interchange Phoenix    meeting and the second annual Podcamp AZ!


Local Contact; Evo Terra ( | Twitter: evo_terra

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For the purpose of this post, I’m breaking up you, the readers, into two categories. Now I abhor labels, so bear with me.

Group 1: Everyone who has a firm grasp on new and social media. You get not only the concepts, but you are actively engaged to the conversation. Sure, you want to learn more, but you’re looking for advanced learnings and cutting-edge applications.

Group 2: Those who look at people who fit neatly in Group 1 and wonder either “Now that’s really neato. How can I get involved?” or “Exactly what the hell are those people going on about all the time?”.


Group 2, , this event geared toward you. It’s a safe place to ask what you may think is a silly question. It’s non-threatening, free of techno-babble that’ll make your head spin, and an opportunity to learn the basic 101-level aspects of social and new media.


Group 1? As you might imagine, this isn’t for you. Consider this a personal invitation to not attend. Consider it reverse elitism if you wish, but let’s face it — we can be a little intimidating for the noob. I figure the fewer of us are here, the better.


The time has yet to be decided. Douglas and I are planning on holding this meeting as one of the unstructured break-out sessions during PodCampAZ. Plan on a morning meeting. I'll update this page when I know more.


Having this event at Podcamp AZ makes it even better: Hit the NMI meeting, then if you are so inclined, hang out the rest of the day at Podcamp AZ to learn even more. Since I have some influence on the schedule of Podcamp AZ, I’m going to work to get this as one of the very first sessions of the day, giving you a good taste of information in the event that you do want to visit some other things. Both Podcamp AZ and the NMI-P meeting will be totally free of charge. And while everyone at Podcamp AZ will be doing their best to make their talks “accessible” to all levels, we’re going to make sure that the NMI-P meeting is totally accessible, friendly, non-threatening and all the other things I said above.


Wanna learn more? Start by telling us that you are coming (we use Upcoming to figure out what size of room we’ll need. You’ll want a free account for future use, so go ahead and register. Consider this a homework assignment.).


But back to the Group 1 folks for a minute: you can help. Tell all of the folks you know who might be interested that we’re doing this. No, they won’t have to hear you try and explain Twitter for the upteenth time. In fact, we won’t have any “agenda” to speak of. There won’t be a strict curriculum we’re following — that depends on the audience and how the conversation goes. No, we won’t make everyone stand up and talk about what a noob they are. So no, YOU won’t have fun… but maybe someone you know would?

And if it goes well, I’m committed to having recurring meetings much like Douglas does. No way we can get EVERYONE here on this one day, right?


- Evo